Winter Fruit

By the Barrington shore, the Bluewater Cosmo is a sweet preamble to mid-winter seafood


Take a bottle of Tito’s vodka, infuse it with cranberries and citrus, then add a healthy dose of blood orange and Grand Marnier – and voila! You’ve got the Bluewater Cosmo, a fruity, zesty companion for the winter months. A sprig of rosemary completes the handsome portrait. If you need an excuse to savor this elixir, just remember that it’s full of vitamins.

Located a stone’s throw from the water, Bluewater stands at the end of Barton Avenue in Barrington, surrounded by boats and masts. Contrary to many a landlubber’s belief, seafood is best served in the wintertime, and the taste of lobster, crab, and oysters is exceptional these next few months. Bluewater whips up plenty of seafood classics, such as Seared Salmon and Honey Citrus Cod, and you’ll find some welcome surprises, like the vegan Buddha Bowl and ever-popular Impossible Burger. Chef Brian Thimme cut his teeth on Stella Blues in Warren before opening Bluewater, so a lot of experience is cooked into every bite. Our recommendation: Splurge on the raw bar – accompanied, of course, by a splash of Cosmo.