Three RI Poet Laureates Gather in Bristol

Bristol's Audubon Environmental Education Center presents the Three Amigos. No, not THOSE Three Amigos...


If you didn’t even know Rhode Island had an official poet laureate, well, you might want to skip ahead. But if you’ve got a love for the beauty of words in their most artful form, you’ll probably want to head to Bristol’s Audubon Environmental Education Center on March 7 for The Three Amigos Poetry Tour. Former RI poet laureates Tom Chandler and Lisa Starr join current laureate Rick Benjamin for an afternoon filled with poetry and laughs. As Lynnie Gobeille of the Origami Poems Project says, “Tom, Lisa and Rick will remind you why for thousands of years, people have turned to poetry when their hearts are broken, or overjoyed, or both.”

Audubon Environmental Education Center
1401 Hope Street, Bristol