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Good4U makes healthy prepared "grab and go" meals for gym-goers


The daily trip to the gym after a hard day of work can be absolute drudgery. Yes, you’ll probably feel better after that rush of endorphins, but your dopamine-induced bliss might wear off once you remember you still have to go home and cook.

Recently, Good4U made this weeknight routine easier. The meal-prep business partnered with Body Natural Fitness Center to provide gym-goers with healthy prepared meals available for “grab and go.”

The Warren-based business strives to provide ingredient-conscious food to help build muscle and reach your fitness goals. So when an announcement of this partnership appeared on social media, the news just made sense. A recent post via Instagram  revealed heaping, colorful bowls of Tex-Mex-style salads, steak and eggs with a herby tomato concoction spooned over top, and the piece de resistance: salmon with quinoa and kale drizzled with a yellowish-white sauce and garnished with fresh lemon. The partnership no doubt points to the company’s efforts to expand their business and build their brand even further in the East Bay.