Summer Guide

The Anatomy of a Del’s post

How to perfect the art of bragging with RI’s favorite social media photo prop


If there’s any sure sign of summer in Rhode Island it’s the obligatory Instagram post of your first Del’s (or Mr. Lemon, you do you) of the season. But what may seem simple requires a surprising amount of forethought. What are you trying to say with your post? Are you trying to make your friends jealous? If so, consider certain factors, like when and where you’re posting. An iconic backdrop (think The Towers, Superman building) will have your friends’ inner Liz Lemon gasping “I want to go to there” before their thumb can double tap. Posting just after the weekday lunch hour is also guaranteed to drive followers into an envious tailspin. We won’t tell if you took the photo over the weekend and saved it for the moment where it will inflict the most FOMO. In fact, that’s a pro move and we approve.

Other considerations: the cup should be sweaty, but not too sweaty. A few, big droplets running down the side will go a long way. Also, approach your post casually, so as to not come off as a try hard. “Driving back to the office and spotted a #Del’s cart, couldn’t not stop,” comes across as playful and shows that you’re a free spirit. In reality, you’ve been planning this since last fall.