Straight Shooter

Smooth out your frizzy locks with a Keratin treatment at Aidile's Hair Skin and Nails


I’ve gotten to a point in life where a bad hair day leads to a bad day, period. My hair is naturally thick and prone to frizz, so you can tell I’m having a tough day taming it if it’s pulled back messily in a ponytail. Keratin treatments, which smooth out the fuzz and reduce the blow-drying time by more than half, are my only saving grace. And so for the last few years I’ve been getting a Keratin every three to four months at Aidile’s Hair Skin and Nails.

What I love about Aidile Ferro, owner and stylist, is how straightforward she is and how I can be the same way with her. “My hair is a frizz ball. I need to come in right away,” I tell her when I call to make the appointment. “See you Saturday,” she says, laughing.
Aidile is unlike most hair stylists. While she has the impeccable skills you’d expect from a 25-year career stylist, she doesn’t have a pretentious hair on her. When you walk into her salon you feel like you’re walking into a home. Clients and stylists are sharing stories, laughing and just feeling absolutely comfortable in the casual setting. A cross between Steel Magnolias and Beauty Shop, the salon is as down-to-earth as you can get. “It’s a good, old-fashioned neighborhood salon,” Aidile says.

She opened her salon 13 years ago with a mission to provide great hair care at affordable prices. With a focus on servicing the client’s needs first, she’s open Tuesday through Sunday and can even accommodate walk-ins.
On top of her already low prices, she offers daily specials like a $20 blowout bar on Sundays.

The Keratin treatment starts at $75 (for the “express” type), which is about half of what you’ll pay elsewhere. The treatment takes about 90 minutes, depending on your hair length. You start off with an intense shampoo, as the hair needs to be clean and clear of all products. After the stylist blow-dries it she carefully combs in the Keratin, which is a fairly light and odorless serum. Lastly, a hot iron runs three times through inchwide sections of your hair to seal in the product at the cuticle level. The result is always smooth, shiny and manageable.

Aidile’s salon menu includes lots of other hair offerings as well – coloring, men’s cuts, extensions, bridal parties – plus nail and waxing services. A master colorist, one of Aidile’s specialties is working with ethnic hair. “I’m multicultural, and I know first hand the challenges of multi-textured hair,” she explains. To her, the client-stylist relationship is a partnership. “As your stylist, my job is to listen. I want to hear what you’re trying to achieve,” she explains. “And I’m here to serve you, to try to give you what you want.” Like any other relationship, the client-stylist one is built on trust and commitment. “It’s a relationship that we work on together, always with an eye towards meeting your goal.”

When I call Aidile, my goal is to get hair I love everyday. She gets me and she gets my hair. And thanks to her, most of my days are great ones.

Aidile’s Hair Skin and Nails
53 Waterman Avenue, East Providence