Spa Week: Blissing out at The Spa at Newport Marriott

Being a mom to three small human beings, along with working from home, leaves me about 2 1/2 minutes to myself each week--which I spend doing what any other mom in this same situation would do: …


Being a mom to three small human beings, along with working from home, leaves me about 2 1/2 minutes to myself each week--which I spend doing what any other mom in this same situation would do: WATCHING HOUSEWIVES.

So, when I have the chance to break away for something geared towards the better of my health and well-being and not towards the better of my distorted perception of what my cleavage should really look like in a 42 million-dollar gown that I'm supposed to wear to a friend's tea party, I jump. Which is exactly what I did when Spa Week contacted me to preview one of their $50 Marine Massage treatments at The Spa at Newport Marriott.

Spa week is a national event happening April 16th-22nd, where spas across the nation offer a variety of $50 treatments!

If you hardly ever have any alone-time, you'll understand that my blissful journey began with the 35-minute solo car ride to Newport. No loud singing. No one asking if we're there yet. No offensive repeat of the Strawberry Shortcake movie theme song. Nope...none of that. Just me, an Avicii playlist and the open road. In my minivan. (Let's keep things in perspective here.)

Every time I cross that bridge into Newport, I wonder why I don't visit more often. It truly is a gem in our state. From the shops to the spas to the oceanfront dining, Newport is a breath of fresh air (literally) from the day-to-day chaos.

(View from outside of The Spa)

I arrived at Newport Marriott and headed directly to The Spa. I was practically running and I'm pretty sure I was drooling. The notion that I would soon be relaxed on a table in a dimly-lit room, scented with pleasantly calming aromas while the tensions within my body were being kneaded away was as exciting as the time I found out our van's DVD player came with headphones.

Practically running directly through the glass doors of The Spa, the very lovely staff immediately greeted me and told me that I was in for a treat because David would be working with me today.

David. As in, a BOY.

I will admit, I was slightly panicked. I'd never had a masseur before. Suddenly, all kinds of fleeting thoughts flooded my mind. Did I shave my legs? Which underwear did I have on? Was my hairspray making my hair too crunchy for the scalp massage portion? When was my last pedicure? WHICH UNDERWEAR DID I HAVE ON?

Amid the panic, I was brought back into the changing area, clad with soothing sounds, smokey-glassed doors, modern and sleek amenities and floral delights. I was given a locker, a huge snuggly white robe and slippers, and, even with this wonderful room and fabulous pampering items, I still kept thinking, A BOY IS GOING TO MASSAGE ME.

Once I was changed, I was brought into a resting room. Now, this isn't just any resting room. This one comes with oversized cozy chairs, magazines, and a refreshments bar with coffee, lemon water and healthy snacks. I sat on the most sinkable chair and contemplated checking my emails on my phone. And then mentally slapped myself across the head, since the entire point of this was to NOT check my phone.

I opted to just rest, which is akin to telling a 2 year-old that they can't have a lollipop. Hard to do, but totally necessary. Within a very short time, I saw the door open, and there he was.


Within 1.2 seconds of talking to David, I relaxed. This guy was cool. And calm. I needed cool and calm.

We entered the room where I would veg out on Cloud 9 for the next hour. David let me choose the oil that would scent the room (I chose Eucalyptus) and gave me the lowdown on what to expect during my Marine Massage. At one point in our conversation, he threw me a high-five, which earned him instant extra brownie points.

If David were to describe what was about to happen to me, this is what he would have said (in such a nice salon-y, calm voice):

A combination of techniques during this full body massage will satisfy a variety of individual needs. Deeper pressure relieves tight muscle groups while Swedish techniques are incorporated for full relaxation. A customized treatment developed especially for you. Our massage therapists will utilize techniques from all over the world and apply them to the relevant body parts. A perfect treatment to ensure that all your needs are met.

Let me tell you something.

My needs were met.

From my head and neck down to my legs and toes, I was completely limber afterwards. My twists and knots and whatever other compromising issues I let rent free space in my muscles were gone. In fact, I haven't had full range of motion in my neck since summer of 2011... until David was done with me.

After the massage was over, I couldn't move. I tried to stand up and I was dizzy--but a good kind of dizzy. The kind that comes with utter relaxation and not the kind that comes with too much sangria. This dizzy was what I'd hoped for. It's how I gauge the good massages from the bad.

David, most definitely, was one of the good.

A few minutes later, I snuggled back into my robe and slippers and was escorted back to the relaxation room, where I was offered a complimentary glass of champagne. Had I eaten a single morsel of food earlier and didn't have to immediately drive back to Providence, I would have gladly indulged.

If this is what a $50 Spa Week treatment looks like, I'll take ten. Do yourself a favor. Visit Spa Week's website and book a treatment at The Spa at Newport Marriott. It's only $50! For an ultimate experience worth magnitudes more. (They have other services, too, aside from massages. But, seriously, do I even need to mention them?)


* Jen Senecal is a mom to three girls, a writer, blogger and graphic designer. Read more on her foray into parenthood at or visit her at Rhody Mamas.