Sea Inspired Style

Accessories with a nautical touch


Describe your Sea Stars earrings in three words.
Simple, stunning and affordable.

What materials do you use?
They are made with my own secret formula... but I will say that I only use Swarovski crystal stones and surgical steel posts. Warning – they are highly addictive.

So you’re addicted then?
Yes, I wear them everyday and I’m obsessed with having them in every color and style. It’s great to hear people say, “I love your earrings. Where did you get them?”

How do you name your earrings?
Each color has its own depth and sparkle so I thought they deserved really unique names. My best selling pair are the diamond Sea Stars I named Zsa Zsa. Other popular styles are Ruby Slippers, Marilyn Monroe, Grapefruit and Vegas. I have to give credit to my best friend Jodie and my mom for helping me choose the creative names.

How do you define your personal style?
Eclectic preppy. Some days, I’ll wear my tiny Vegas studs, which are round and super shiny. On other days, I’ll throw on my super big Zsa Zsas to add extra sparkle to my outfit. I make the earrings in all different colors, shapes and sizes – there’s something for everyone. There are soft, neutral colors for when you’re feeling conservative and bright, sharp stones for when you want to add edge to your wardrobe.

Where can we buy Sea Stars?
They’re sold at a few salons, stores and fitness centers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Within the East Bay, you can buy them in person at Whimsies in Warren. They’ll be available soon at Main Street Fitness, also in Warren. You can purchase them on Etsy as well. I do custom orders for wedding parties; it’s great to help a bride and her bridesmaids feel beautiful on such a special day.

What inspires you?
I love being outdoors and I love the beach. I absolutely love anything vintage – some Swarovski crystals are vintage and limited stock, which makes hunting for them a competitive sport. Nothing is better than when the sun hits a Swarovski crystal. That is inspiring itself. I truly believe that everyone should sparkle.

I hear you have a little girl. Is she a Sea Stars customer yet?
My daughter Elle is three. She’d always say, “Mommy, I love your earrings. Can I have some?” She doesn’t have pierced ears yet so I was inspired to make my mini line of clip-on earrings. Now our tiny toddlers can sparkle, too.