Whole Body

Pedal to the Beat in Warren

LuxeCycle keeps you moving through the winter with rhythmic indoor cycling


When I first found out about the opening of a new spin studio in Warren, I got really excited. I used to be an avid indoor cyclist and have not done much since I moved to the East Bay two years ago.
In this cold weather, an indoor cycling class that torches calories and leaves you in a sweat in under an hour is a great way of getting in that much-needed cardio. At LuxeCycle, I found just that. Founder Glenn Rhodes opened the studio in November, and wanted to bring rhythmic cycling (pedaling to the beat) to the East Bay. Housed in an old firehouse, the studio features dark red walls, vintage cycling posters, 16 bikes and tiny red string lights illuminating the space.

For my first ride, I chose a 45-minute weekday class led by Glenn. He greeted each and every rider, and spent a few minutes with new ones so they could get acquainted with their bikes.
Glenn started off class with a warm-up that got our legs moving and used to a flat road with some resistance. He then challenged us with a mix of rigorous hill climbs, tap backs and sprints, all to the beat of the music. After each song, he instructed us to towel off and take a quick sip of water before moving on to the next sequence.

One of my favorite parts of the class is when the lights go on and the room has a dance party vibe. There’s also a song which you can ride at your own pace or with the instructor’s lead, and another dedicated to arm and shoulder work with light hand weights.

After multiple different motions and positions on the bike to a mix of ‘80s hits, classic rock and pop music, we reached the last song, a sprint, followed by a cooldown and stretch on and off the bike. 

After my first ride, I wanted more: I booked a second class, this time one hour, on a Saturday morning. The class, led by instructor Jill, was challenging and fun with more tap backs, arm crunches on the handlebars and oblique work, all while pedaling to heart-thumping music. The hour went by fast and it was just what I needed to kick off my weekend.

Either class you take, expect to get into the rhythm, challenge your body and leave with a good sweat.

308 Metacom Avenue, Warren