Partners Village Store & Kitchen Mixes Things Up

Sip on tea, read a book or peruse the many items at this multifaceted Bristol spot


For me, first impressions are everything when you shop somewhere new. While driving down Main Road, just minutes from Horseneck Beach, isn’t anything new for this southern Massachusetts native, I pulled up to a peach storefront with beachy wares displayed outside, and happily discovered Partners Village Store and Kitchen, which is celebrating 35 years, by the way.

The aroma of warm bread and meats greeted me, emanating from the in-house café cluttered with loyal customers. I’m told that everything is made from scratch as manager Lisa Cusick greets a regular – by name.

I immediately spotted sparkling, artisan-crafted bracelets, some made in Warren, and some homemade candied ginger slices up front – yummy! I perused the neatly organized rooms within Partners, each with their own theme of goods: books upon books, children’s toys and games, trendy tunics and coverups, and goodies for Rover – gifts for virtually anyone on your list.

I meet with co-owner Nancy Crosby on the sun-drenched wrap-around porch outside the store (where more customers are eating). She informs me that she’s fortunate enough to have employees that take pride in her business, and volunteer to manage the purchasing for each department, “It’s a great team; we all work together.”

Partners also hosts a growing roster of free, community events such as the South Coast Artists tour, an Autumn Festival (Nancy’s favorite), children’s reading circle every Thursday and Saturday morning yoga classes.

After 35 years, this institution in Westport is all about community, love and familiarity. “My favorite thing about this place has been growing it,” Nancy says. “It’s been a labor of love.”

Partners Village Store and Kitchen | 865 Main Road, Westport | 508-636-2572