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Pampered For a Day at Dani Z's Blue Orchid Spa

Reiki and a facial will have you glowing from head to toe


I learned three valuable lessons during a Saturday well spent at Dani Z’s Blue Orchid Spa in Seekonk, where I received my very first facial, first Reiki treatment and my second spray tan (redeeming a previous dark orange disaster). First, I need to invest in a pendulum and start reading people’s chakras/predicting the future. Second, I’ve gone 30 years without receiving a facial, and now I have some serious making up to do (sorry neglected pores and checking account). Lastly, for those of us with the skin tone of Casper, St. Tropez tanning spray is the answer to our sun kissed prayers.

Being a rookie to Reiki, certified Reiki Master Kristy explained that this Japanese healing practice “promoted the flow of energy.” She further explained that we all have a life force, or a “Chi.” Our Chi flows within us through pathways called “Chakras.” This flow can be disrupted by any form of negativity we experience throughout everyday life. So haters gonna hate, and also disrupt the flow of your Chi. By placing their hands over certain areas, Reiki masters attempt to heal the disrupted chakras by charging them with positive energy, The physical effects of which include relief of chronic pain, stress and anxiety.

Kristy began the session by dangling a pendulum above each of my chakras. She explained that if the energy was flowing properly through, the pendulum would swing in a circle. If the energy flow was disrupted, it would swing from side to side. I could see the pendulum swinging in a circular motion for each chakra, except for when she held it above the chakra representing stability, home and family. Thanks for airing my dirty laundry, Chi!

She then began to place her hands on parts of my torso, legs, hands and feet. It felt so relaxing that I may have nodded off once. Or twice. The session ended, and we discussed what she was able to read from my energy. I was very curious to hear, but a tad nervous worrying that my chakras would spill my spiritual beans. She asked if I had someone very close to me move recently. Just two weeks before, my mother had moved out of state. She paused before continuing, and prefaced the next sentence by saying that she did not want to stir up any painful memories or emotions. She was able to read that I was coping with a death in the family. I had goosebumps, and couldn’t believe that this person who I had never met was able to pick up on that information. She concluded on a lighter note, saying she also picked up on the strong presence of a cat in my life, or lack thereof. Okay chakras, perhaps we need to make a trip to the animal shelter.

Next up was a facial. My esthetician Vanessa has set the bar very high for all other facials to follow. Feeling especially relaxed after my Reiki recharge, Vanessa prepared me with a heated facial mask to open my pores. This is a gentler alternative to the steaming method, which can cause unnecessary redness. She described the chocolate mask facial service I was about to receive, which included a diamond serum, the key ingredient being photoluminescent diamond powder. Chocolate and diamonds. On my face. I felt like a Kardashian. She then applied a Dermasound ultrasonic treatment, to remove any impurities and hydrate my skin. Essentially, this was a non-invasive method to make my skin look like I drink four gallons of water a day (my iced coffee intake surpasses my water intake). Throughout the service, she massaged my neck and arms, and I could’ve drifted off to sleep again. Following the facial that I never wanted to end, she showed the close-up before and after photos to compare. I could see the effects, especially around the corners of my eye and brow line, and would love to throw the before images into a digital bonfire.

It was now time to give spray tanning a second try after a ten year hiatus. I was hesitant at first due to a nightmare senior prom experience giving me the skin tone of a dirty Oompa Loompa, but Vanessa assured me that they had come a long way since then. She was right. St. Tropez tanning spray, the brand used at Blue Orchid, actually looks natural. Aware of my previous tanning trauma, Vanessa suggested we go for a shade or two slightly darker than my regular skin tone. Although the spray itself only takes a matter minutes, allowing the tan to dry takes about 20 minutes and you get a tad chilly standing in front of the fan. However, I’ll take that over irreparable skin damage from the sun any day!

Leaving Dani Z’s Blue Orchid Spa, I felt refreshed from my head to my Chi. Plus, my skin looked tantastic. And all I had to do was cross the state line.

Dani Z’s Blue Orchid Spa

72 Mink Street, Seekonk