On the Hunt for Great Gifts

Make the holiday scramble fun with Tiverton's second annual Scavenger Hunt


The hustle and bustle of shopping during the holidays is stressful – why not make a game of it, and win prizes while you’re at it? Tiverton Four Corners is having its Second Annual Scavenger Hunt now through December 31. Discover new places to find your family and friends special and unique holiday gifts while enjoying some fresh air in this quaint village. Even sample some gourmet treats. To participate, pick up a gaming brochure at any Tiverton Four Corners shop. When you match the picture clues with the correct shop, you receive a sticker from a shop employee to place on your board. Once you have accurately matched nine of the 14, you can enter for chance to win one of three fun prizes. Winners are drawn at random and completed brochures will be accepted until January 15. Victory doesn’t just have to come from Four Corners – play with friends and create teams to see who can finish first for your own devised prizes (like that scarf you saw through a shop window.) Brochures should be dropped off to Sakonnet Farm, 4042 Main Road, Tiverton.