Mini Makers

Warren’s newest art studio caters to creative youngsters


A new art studio is drawing attention downtown Warren, and its artists are hungry to show us what they’ve got – that is, after nap time. Makers LLC gives young artists (“walkers to fifth grade”) the opportunity to explore their creativity in a guided free-for-all environment without having to worry about the mess. Erin DeThomas, founder and CEO of Makers LLC, first brainstormed the idea when she was conducting art classes with her own kids in their backyard. With her masters in education and teaching background, Erin decided to bring her love of “process art” to other young, creative minds of the East Bay.

“I’ve always encouraged messy play,” Erin says while explaining her theory on “process art.” The classes and camps she instructs here at Makers LLC are founded on this idea: “Not caring so much about the outcome, but the creative process of how you got there.”

Whether your youngster is already an artist or is just beginning at home, Makers LLC offers tons of different classes for creators of all ages: Fairy House Workshops, Dragon Painting, and over the summer, Dollhouse Camp, where students can design their own two-story wooden dollhouse (or pet-house, or superhero hideout house!). You can’t miss Makers LLC’s bright and colorful studio as you’re walking downtown Warren’s strip. Monsters, unicorns, and splatters of all shapes and sizes practically pull you in.

The classes and camps at Makers LLC survey different art activities with not-so-average mediums. Sure, there’s paintbrushes, right alongside gooey squishable-balls, wooden structures, and of course, all the slime a kid could hope for. Erin introduces children to these not-widely-used art materials and tools to encourage students to try new methods with their art-making. Whether they are working independently or together on a collaborative project, students are encouraged to travel wherever their imagination might take them.

“The students learn so much by watching how someone else is painting and working together,” Erin explains about the collaborative aspects of her classes. “It’s definitely a confidence boost for the kid that’s teaching their peers, too.”

With no idea too wild, too messy, or too “out-there,” Makers LLC offers inventive experiences that wouldn’t be found in the average classroom. For more information or to register for classes and camps available, visit their website