Taste Test

Lemony Goodness From Around the Bay

A little taste of sunshine, regardless of the weather


It’s spring, right? Maybe according to a calendar it is, but Mother Nature has seemed to disagree, until recently. Regardless of the weather, there are ways to bring the sunshine inside. We’ve tasted lemon bars from around the Bay, because really, what tastes more like sunshine than lemon?

Scrumptious Crust
“I would fight for a corner piece to get more crust,” were the sentiments of one of our staff members after eating this bar from The Beehive CafeĢ. This rustic looking, home-style bar had the most delicious crumbly, shortbread-style crust that held in the custard-like light lemon filling. It’s a bar definitely worth seconds.

Powdered with Love
The not-too-heavy lemon bars from Fatulli’s had the right amount of pow- dered sugar to filling ratio, which also helped to combat tartness. Their bright lemon flavor was complemented nicely by the crunchy crust, and to be honest they were almost too darn pretty to eat. Almost. 909 East Main Road, Middle- town. 401-847-5166.

Put a Little Cookie in it
These slightly creamy bars from Sweet Addiction were dense yet surprisingly light. We loved the homemade look of these as well as the cookie-like crust. And what’s better than just a lemon bar? A lemon bar with a cookie!

Nostalgic Noshing
Who doesn’t love the Hostess Fruit Pies that ended up all over your face when you were a kid? The bars from The Cake Gallery brought us right back to those beloved moments. With a beautifully vivid yellow color, flaky crust and a light sweetness, it was nostalgia at its finest.