Dining Out

Just Like Home

Talking dining with the chef of a Portsmouth favorite


Have you always wanted to work with food?
I have. When I was five or six years old, my mother and I signed up for “cooking with kids” classes. They were just fun, easy dishes, but ever since then I have always had a passion for cooking.

How long have you been working in a kitchen?

I started washing dishes at the Acoaxet Country Club in Westport when I was 14 or 15. I was given the chance to start working with food a year later and loved it. I have been at Fieldstones since we opened in February of 2008.

What’s the vibe at Fieldstones?
It’s a very friendly, fun place. We have a great staff and ownership, which has established us with a huge regular customer base. With a wide range of age groups coming in, it gives us a comfortable, family-like feel.

Can you describe the menu?

Our menu is very diverse. There is something for everyone. We have great fresh seafood, nice dinner salads, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and vegetarian options.

What do you most enjoy cooking when you’re at home on a chilly night?
I usually go with soups and stews, or some type of baked casserole.

How do you come up with ideas for menu items?
I love trying new specials with different ingredients and always see what our regular customers and staff enjoy the most. We then try to get the best-received dishes on our menu.

What is one menu item that everyone should try?

The calamari is a favorite with lots of our customers. I am also putting boneless short ribs on our next menu; people have really been enjoying them recently as a special.

Do you have a favorite appetizer-entrée combination?

I really like doing a seared sea scallop appetizer. Sometimes over a little risotto or couscous – nothing too heavy. Then a nice grilled veal chop with a mushroom Marsala reduction.

Do you have any upcoming specials for fall?
This is my favorite time for food. I’m excited to get into more braised items, pastas and sautés with heartier sauces. I think lots of people are looking for some nice comfort foods this time of year.

Adam Myers is the chef at Fieldstones Portsmouth Grille.