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Gourmet to your Doorstep

Munroe Dairy kicks up their dairy delivery with gourmet groceries


Since 1881, Munroe Dairy has had a simple mission: deliver fresh milk with great service. Now in their 135th year, the friendly neighborhood milkmen are still doing their rounds, but now Munroe Dairy has expanded its grocery delivery to include many delicious and easy entrees and desserts. For their barbecuing customers this summer, Munroe Dairy has beef, chicken or pork kabobs from purveyor Gourmet Specialty Foods and sirloin steak tips marinated in a blend of soy, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar and spices. Order Munroe’s baked stuffed shrimp stuffed with cracker crumbs, butter, scallops and seasoning for surf and turf. For dessert, Munroe has mint chocolate mousse cake from Hoff’s Bakery or blueberry ice cream made with wild Maine blueberries from Bliss Dairy in Attleboro. Munroe Dairy’s philosophy may be “some things are better left unchanged,” but gourmet groceries are definitely a change for the better.

Munroe Dairy 

151 N Brow Street, East Providence