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Bouncing Around

"Kangaroo care" for mother and child


Two “mom-prenuers” from Barrington have invented the first ever babywearing shirt, allowing skin-to-skin contact for mother and baby. Hope Parish and Daniela Jensen are co-founders of the NüRoo Pocket, which is one-of-a-kind and recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). For a recommended 60 minutes mom and baby have uninterrupted contact called “kangaroo care,” a holding technique that keeps the baby close to mom’s chest.

This bond-forming gadget claims endless benefits for mom and baby. It helps to accelerate the baby’s brain development, reduces crying and stress, improves quality of sleep and can help to better the immune system and breathing. The NüRoo Pocket also has some major benefits for mom such as increased milk production and most importantly it reduces the risk of postpartum depression while promoting psycho- logical well-being.

“After searching high and low for a product that offered coverage and mobility and coming up empty handed, the idea for The NüRoo Pocket was born,” the moms say. There has been research done on this skin-to- skin mechanism for 40 years. Proving that in the early months of life this kind of contact is a must have for mothers and their babies. Now, their invention is making it big: NüRoo will be available in stores at Babies ‘R Us nationwide locations in February and is already online at