Blissful Beauty

How one salon finds a balance between beauty and sustainability


Pam Girard (pictured above, standing) owns Ananda Hair Lounge, a new concept salon in Warren. We sat down to talk great, no-fuss hair.

How does a “hair lounge” differ from a regular salon?
It’s the vibe. This is the kind of place you just want to come and hang out. People feel like they’re coming into my house – they never want to leave. All of our furniture is locally consigned furniture – it supports local business, and it’s sustainable and earth conscious. That adds to the vibe. The word “lounge” projected the image I was trying to portray. It’s warmer.

What is Ananda?
It’s a Sanskrit word meaning bliss. I wanted something with more meaning than just a simple word: it’s more of an essence of bliss. Every time you say it’s it’s projecting that into your reality. My ultimate goal is for people to feel better inside and out, and to take a little piece of bliss with them for the rest of their day.

What’s up with your allergy-free day each week?
On Wednesdays, we don’t do any chemical services - just haircuts, blowouts, styling and application of henna hair coloring, which is all-natural hair dye. As an individual, I live a clean, organic, natural, raw life, so I like to find a balance with sustainable beauty. I understand that some people take it a step further and exclude chemicals from their lives entirely, and it’s tough for them to find salons to go to. We also have raw organic products for people who want more than just sustainable beauty, they want clean and clear products.

Let’s talk hair trends. What’s popular right now?
More styled hair is really coming back. People are putting more effort into their hair at home, and are looking for more playful, short styles. This long beachy hair has been happening for a while; we’re going to see more carefree, light, loose short hair. Pixies are definitely coming back. We’re going to see more clean lines and strong, structured shape.

What’s a nice way to transition into a warm weather look?
I feel like coming into the spring, especially with this really dry winter, it’s a good time for a big, healthy haircut. I’m in love with shorter hair right now. Go crazy, try something new. Be playful – that’s great for the spring. I keep thinking light, airy and bouncy. Happy styles. For color, light sunkissed coloring, just a little contrast rather than something extreme, is great.