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Apples to Apples

Warren Cider Works brews hard cider


Often, hard apple cider is the forgotten cousin of the beer, hanging out on a refrigerator shelf all by its lonesome. The drink is more often than not a singular token representation of its kind, put on bar menus to placate the occasional cider lover. Despite its perceived unpopularity, cider is a highly nuanced product with many delicious variations and tastes. Fortunately for us, Warren Cider Works opened its freshly decaled doors to educate the palettes of East Bay residents and beyond about the awesomeness of this beverage.

Owner Spencer Morris uses the over 40 apple varieties grown at his farm Long Lane Orchard to create 22 different batches of cider. From start to finish, the products are made in-house, so customers can see part of the cider-making process when they walk in the store. “All of my juice is produced on-premise at 98 Child Street [the store] in Warren and fermented into cider...customers can come and see the process up until the last pressing at the end of December,” says Spencer.

The apple expert describes his creations as “typically still and bone dry,” similar to brut French ciders but without the fizz. All of Warren Cider Works’ stock is made without sulfites to accommodate those with sulfite allergies, while also allowing natural flavors to develop. At the store, you can attend tastings where participants are encouraged to bring a cheese board or charcuterie as an accompaniment. Patrons can also purchase apples from Long Lane Orchard when they are in season.