Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble

1001 Troubles tattoo shop in Warren is expanding and growing its staff


Warren is getting weirder. It might be happening slowly, but it’s definitely happening. While still maintaining its old-world charm, Warren has become home to some of the funkiest places in Rhode Island, and at the top of that list would have to be 1001 Troubles Tattoo.

Located right on Main Street, directly next door to Town Hall, the shop is co-owned by Fredd Cheetham and Michelle Carter, two incredibly talented artists who have each filled both binders and bodies with illustrations and ink both serious and surreal. Along with Dani Ryan, a RISD graduate, and their newest addition to the team, Charity Enos, they are the only tattoo artists working in Warren.

“That was what really drew us to this spot,” shares Carter. “There wasn’t a shop in Warren. It’s artsy, it’s downtown, there’s a bit more foot-traffic than our last spot, but there wasn’t a shop set up here.”

Cheetham agrees with his friend and business partner: “I like it here. It’s grown on me a lot.”

“It’s grown a lot here!” Carter was quick to interject, proud of both their business and their artistic growth since moving to Warren nearly five years ago.

Though the shop started out small, they’re now expanding into the space next door, adding more waiting space, a merch counter, bigger tattooing areas, and an all-around more open and relaxed atmosphere. The artists and staff are all easy-going, light-hearted, and extremely helpful – now their space will be sure to match.

Each tattoo is 100% custom and original. The artist will sit down with a client to get a better understanding of what they’re looking for; they discuss size, shape, color, price range, theme, and more during a consultation, and then create something completely unique for that person, sometimes redesigning entire pieces to make sure each client walks out with exactly what they wanted. Tattoos are permanent, after all.

1001 Troubles is now a part of Warren’s colorful downtown scene, fitting like a puzzle piece beside the quirky galleries, restaurants, and shops. Now, with an even bigger space, the tattoo shop will be able to make that much more of a mark in the community.