A Safer Way to Tan at BarringTan

BarringTan offers a healthy alternative to the dreaded, orange spray tan.


I love being out in the sun, spending every free moment laying out at the beach in the summer. As the years go by, I’ve become more aware of the damage the sun does to my skin. Plus I’ve always thought freckles looked cuter on other people. With this in mind, I decided on a more mature approach to tanning this season, the spray tan.

When I found out that BarringTan uses all natural, organic, oil, alcohol-, gluten- and allergen-free spraying products I was psyched. After scheduling my appointment with co-owner Lauren Schaller to coincide with a Caribbean vacation I would be taking, I prepped my skin to absorb as much color as possible. Exfoliation is key, so I made sure to loofah every nook and cranny. I also made sure not to apply any lotion or makeup prior to being sprayed.

Once I arrived at Lauren’s Barrington home, we discussed my heritage and how my skin typically reacts to the sun. Being of Portuguese, Italian and Irish descent, I tend to burn early on in the summer but quickly develop a deep tan. Knowing this, we went for a level ten tan to achieve a glowy, olive look.

Because I hate tan lines, I opted to wear bottoms, this way whether I went strapless or strapped, I wouldn’t have to worry about any rogue lines. As I stood in front of a black backdrop, which can be transported anywhere to accomodate parties of folks wanting a spray tan, Lauren directed me where to position my body so that she could coat my body as evenly as possible. After applying two coats to my body – except for my hands, feet and face which received one coat – I let the solution dry for about five minutes, got dressed and was on my way.

I would need to wait eight hours until the spray set, and aside from a bit of stickiness, I wasn’t inhibited from doing any of my normal day-to-day activities.
Once the eight hours had passed I rinsed off, watched much of the bronzer go down the drain and patted myself dry. I noticed right away that glowy, olive look I try all summer to achieve and was looking forward to enjoying it for the next ten days. I felt good about my color without worrying about risking the health of my skin. It was a win-win all around.