Welcome Aboard

Streamlined style abounds in the Barrington Cape of Lemon & Line’s founders


One step into the Rumstick Village home of Elizabeth and David Norton and it’s evident that this pair loves the ocean. Not because the house is filled with anchor motifs – it’s not – but because the decor is the sort of efficient utility found on a boat. Think: hooks, furniture with storage, benches with flat cushions, and pendant lighting. This design makes perfect sense when you learn that David is as passionate about sailing as Elizabeth is about interior design, and their family business is Lemon & Line, a marine-grade accessories company whose motto is Sail More. Work Less.

Elizabeth and David grew up together in Barrington. “We lived in the same neighborhood, went to the same schools, and ran down the same docks at the Barrington Yacht Club,” she begins. “Our nostalgia and our nearing kindergarten-aged daughter eventually drew us back to town in 2016.” With a checklist of being close to the harbor, the town center, and their former elementary school, it took the Nortons nearly two years to find the right house, which turned out to be an expanded Cape next door to Elizabeth’s childhood home.

In addition to its location, the couple was drawn to the home’s high ceilings, natural shingles, finished basement, and big backyard.

However, they weren’t fans of some of the generally coveted fixtures such as black granite countertops and dark grey glass backsplash. “The counters seemed both blah and busy to me at the same time. I wanted light and bright,” Elizabeth explains. Her to-do list also included adding shiplap details, glass doors to some of the cabinetry, a custom wine rack, new cabinet hardware, and a new sink and faucet. “Our ‘minor’ kitchen remodel ended up being not so minor after all but was absolutely worth it in the end.”

Rooms throughout the home take their color cue from the shoreline. Walls are painted watery neutrals and framed by crisp white. Windows are either left bare or covered with roman shades. Natural textures like sea grass and twine appear in most rooms via rugs, baskets, and most strikingly a table base, formerly a cable spool that the couple wrapped in 700 feet of line. “Both Dave and I have a very similar aesthetic – simple, streamlined, and subtly coastal – which makes it easier to design a house together. We like our living spaces to look thoughtful and cohesive but inviting and cozy at the same time.”


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