Vegan Cooking Takes Root

Sprout & Lentil serves delicious dishes and educates the public about animal-free eating


Before she opened Sprout & Lentil, a plantbased food seller based on Aquidneck Island, Carmen Foy worked for many years in society’s upper echelons. She spent 15 years as a marketing professional for Fortune 100 companies, and when she finally decided to study culinary arts, she graduated from both the esteemed Culinary Institute of America and the Cordon Bleu school in France. From there, Foy began a career as chef for upscale clients and Olympic athletes.

Given this background, it’s hard to imagine Foy opening a food stall at the weekly Farmers Market at Newport Vineyards in Middletown. Stranger still is the fare: chipotle jackfruit sandwiches, curried cauliflower soup, and sweet potato burgers, among other rotating specialties. Yet, this is Foy’s new career – the founder of Sprout & Lentil, a tiny operation specializing in cruelty-free meals. Her goal is to destigmatize vegan cooking and reveal just how varied and delicious an all-plant diet can be.

Foy works with one other chef, and several local cooks make cameos. Foy leads presentations on the virtues of veganism, sells to-go soups and ready-to-eat lunches, and has traveled as far as the Vegan Market in Somerville, Massachusetts, to showcase her recipes. She says it’s too early to tell how the company will expand, but Foy still works as a private chef and a cooking coach and small-party caterer. If you’ve always wondered how to whip up eggs or yogurt without a single hen or udder, Foy is happy to explain.

Sprout & Lentil