Farmhouse Flair

Find a curated mix of new, old, and European in room after room at Cory Farms Past & Presents


Denys Gustafson Eftkehar always wanted to open up her own shop. In 2010, she purchased Cory Farms, a Portsmouth farmhouse dating back to 1849 with two barns and beautiful grounds. Eftkehar kept the name and added Past & Presents, highlighting the new and old wares she sells at the shop.

A former graphic designer and creative director, Eftkehar has an eye for high-quality specialty brands and stocks the shelves and tables with beautifully designed products from the US, Scandinavia, England, France, and Germany. “I truly buy what I love, and it is in that mindset that items from all over Europe and the US, whether old or new, come together by design, color, texture, or theme in the store,” she says.

Each room is tastefully decorated with items displayed as if you were in someone’s home. Cookbooks, Swedish linens, housewares, and gifts for foodies and cooks are stocked in the airy, farmhouse kitchen room; wedding and personal gifts such as jewelry, stationery, mohair blankets, and antiques sit in the formal dining room; baby clothing and toys line a converted hallway; and you can find coastal-inspired products such as tableware, linens, soaps, and tea towels in the nautical–themed room.

For those looking for an antique find, there’s a back shed containing farmhouse vintage items and a renovated barn on the back property stocked with high-end grandfather clocks, English tools, and artwork.

Starting in October, the store transforms into a holiday wonderland outfitted with tasteful holiday decor and gifts in every room. “Having a Swedish background, I gravitate toward the aesthetics of Scandinavian design, particularly for Christmas,” she says. “These products give the store a unique style and reputation we are proud of.”

Cory Farms Past & Presents
3124 East Main Road, Portsmouth • 401-683-3124