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I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with mascara. I love it for the first 30 minutes, then I usually forget that I applied it (in copious amounts at that). I rub my eyes and spend the next day trying to get rid of the Alice Cooper effect I’d created. So when Crystal Pavlides, owner of Sleeping Beauty Aesthetics and a master lash artist, suggested I receive the lash extension service, I said yes without batting an eye. She also recommended I try their organic spray tan service. Given that my post-winter skin tone had just reached a cadaver-like complexion, I figured it would be kind of nice to look like I had a pulse again, and just in time for swimsuit season.

As I settled onto the spa bed, she explained that the story behind her business name came from a client who’d felt like a “sleeping beauty” during each lash extension service. After an hour of leisurely lying down, eyes closed, while someone meticulously fawned over my lashes, that anecdote began to make sense. Though I didn’t fall asleep, I definitely felt like a “chillaxing” beauty. For two wonderfully peaceful hours, Pavlides applied the Classic Style extensions to my original lashes, isolating the individual hairs to so that each extension mimicked the natural growth line of my lashes. Unfortunately for Pavlides’s poor hands, I have thick eyelashes as it is (#thanksmom #loveyou), so the service took a tad longer than anticipated. But I wasn’t complaining. Having no other choice but to simply relax for a couple of hours is a rare treat.

With her hands fast at work, Pavlides explained the differences between the lash styles offered at the spa. While I was receiving a single extension per each lash, the “volume” service involved two-to-four individual extensions, arranged into fans per one natural lash. The mega-volume involved 5-10 fanned extensions per lash, a.k.a. Twiggy status, and I’m extremely tempted to get this the next time I have even the remotest excuse to be a little “extra.”

Prior to starting the service, she’d placed adhesive strips over my bottom lashes, to avoid any contact with the top set. Pavlides detailed the tedious steps of the process, and how important it was to adhere each extension to an individual lash, which ensures the healthy growth and/or regrowth of any lashes shed naturally during the extension process. Given the extremely close proximity of the lash adhering tools to the client’s eyes, she also stressed how vital it was to have a fully trained and certified lash artist applying the extensions. Clearly, the safety and quality of the products used are equally as important. Elleebana, the lash extension product line carried at Sleeping Beauty, uses an ISO-approved medical grade adhesive to apply the lash, certifying that their lashes are held to the highest safety standards.

It was clear to me that Pavlides lived to lash, and I had full confidence that my eyes were good in hands. Earlier that morning, Pavlides had just begun the process of relocating to a larger space, also on Water Street, expanding her business to include lash training and education for those with a similar passion.

All of a sudden, two hours had passed, and now it was time for the big reveal. Voila! They looked awesome, with a natural-looking volume and a length that I’d never achieved with mascara.

It was now time to get my skin tone back to that of a living, breathing human. It turns out that the spa’s resident spray tan specialist, Gail Pimental, is Pavlides’ mother. Talk about a mother/daughter glam team! Using an organic spray blend of sugarcane and beet extract by Aviva, I asked Gail for a natural tan – or any coloring to signify that I had a fully functioning circulatory system. She added an extra coat and a quick drying spray, so I didn’t have to stand in front of a fan for a half hour.

Naturally bronzed and luxuriously lashed, I walked out of the spa, catching one last glimpse in the mirror. Thanks to Pavlides, Sleeping Beauty had awakened.

Sleeping Beauty Aesthetics

119 Water Street, Warren • 401-347-8896

New location at 141 Water Street opening soon


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