Spice Up Your Life

Jahmu is spreading awareness about natural healing, one cup of tea at a time


When Jessica Filkins was in her last year at college, she experienced terrible stomach issues due to antibiotics. After substantial weight loss, a lot of pain, and some failed remedies, Jessica discovered the healing powers of natural ingredients on a yoga retreat in Indonesia. During her four-month stay, local women gave her a medicinal drink that had turmeric, ginger, raw honey, and sometimes a raw egg that soothed her stomach. Her all-natural recovery and passion for health and wellness inspired Jessica to start Jahmu, a turmeric tea company based out of North Kingstown and sold in Newport.

The Jahmu line offers instant tea mixes (both caffeinated and non-caffeinated) with the mission of spreading awareness of the healing properties of turmeric. The teas are meant to be medicinal yet tasty with flavors like chai, golden milk (a turmeric/ginger mixture with added coconut sugar), matcha, and chocolate. Add this instant tea mix to a hot cup of water or steaming milk, and you’re hit with the warm, fragrant aromas similar to pumpkin spice (cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, etc.) or a chai latte. Each herbal concoction is meticulously measured to make sure there is enough turmeric and ginger for you to receive their health benefits, but not enough so that they are overpowering.

Turmeric, a deep orange root herb, is “one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs we have on this planet,” says Jessica. This healing property no doubt has worked wonders with her patrons. When she first began selling her products, customers would share how much the tea had helped their health. “The majority of people use it as a natural painkiller for arthritis. It’s been particularly effective with arthritis in the hands...but also it’s good for knees and hips and all the joints!”

Jahmu products are available at A Market and Nature’s Goodness in Newport.