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Simply Chickie is Making Eco Friendly Fashion in Newport

Quirky, nautically themed, and free of pesticides, Simply Chickie is certified organic Ocean State style


Twelve years ago, after being diagnosed with breast cancer and discovering her pregnancy in the same week, Gwendolyn Gardner decided to transform her lifestyle – both inside and out. When she discovered the polluting truth behind conventional cotton, Gwen decided to take matters into her own hands and “clean out her whole life.” After going completely organic, she created Simply Chickie – the 100% certified organic clothing line for babies, toddlers and women that has carried her Clean Wear mission ever since.

With both her health and her daughter’s health in mind, Gwen’s purpose was to create a clothing line that would ensure a healthier alternative to the clothing options available – especially for babies, she points out, whose porous skin is more vulnerable to the chemicals used to treat conventional cotton. Gwen wanted to start a revolution in how we treat and wear clothing – and that she did, right out of Newport.

Quirky, nautically themed, and free of pesticides, Simply Chickie is GOTS certified organic from the cotton and bamboo used right down to the sayings printed on the clothing itself. Gwen designs the line entirely herself, using messages to spread the laughter of babies and hope originated from her battle with cancer. Gwen’s passion has carried Simply Chickie clothing to local boutiques like Mimi’s for Kids in Newport and popular organic marketplaces throughout New England. You can also order her original designs on her website.