Shop: Get Your Hydrangea Fix with Home Accents Available in Rhode Island

July 2022


When you think of an Ocean State summer, hydrangeas come to mind as quickly as beach scenes and sail boats. Even if you’re not savvy about the names of flowers, chances are good you can identify these blue pom poms that dot yards and fences all season long. Find shrubs or small trees in a huge range of varieties with names like Blue Bonnet, Blushing Bride, and Endless Summer. These water-loving plants (their name is derived from the Greek word for water vessels) get their color from the acid level in the soil and can be found in hues stemming from white to pink and purples to brilliant blue. Here is a sampling of goods from around the state sure to bring a breezy beach cottage feel to any space – no watering required!


KJP Flagship, Newport

Barksfield Shop, Tiverton,

Cerulean, Warren

Cory Farms Past & Presents, Portsmouth

Courtyards, Tiverton

Firefly Mandalas, Tiverton

Knit One Quilt Too, Barrington,

Pearl Print Co, Online


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