Self Care is Earth Care at The Heal Room in East Providence

Originally a zero-waste store in Pawtucket, now the combined retail and wellness space is all about balance


In a world that revolves around plastic, there’s a haven of sustainability in East Providence, with a dual emphasis on human wellness and the health of our planet. The Heal Room began as a zero-waste shop in Pawtucket and has expanded in scope and square footage to encompass the vision of co-founders Ana Duque and Karen Mejias, now collaborating with former yoga studio owner Jasmin Acevedo in this new chapter.

The Ocean State’s first refill station for bath, body, and cleaning products, The Heal Room invites visitors to bring their own containers or grab a reusable vessel from the shop’s free jar library and stock up on supplies – and do it all over again using the same containers when they run out.

“Choosing zero-waste practices reflects our commitment to caring for the ecosystem and natural order of life,” says Duque, explaining that they partner with organizations like Berger Recycling and Bootstrap Compost to responsibly dispose of materials that can’t be used again. “We actively seek second lives for items – or send it to folks who will, like the Creative Reuse Center in East Providence – prioritize recyclable or second-hand materials, and contribute to diverting plastic bottles from landfills through our refill station initiative.”

But the way Duque and team see it, caring for the environment isn’t just about going green – and eco-minded decision-making has broader benefits. “Sustainability, to us, involves not only maintaining Earth’s equilibrium but recognizing the deep link between caring for our planet and ourselves,” says Duque, a trained yoga teacher with a background in kinesiology. She started leading yoga classes on the side back when the vision for The Heal Room was still being formed, all the while becoming increasingly aware of the connections between wellness and ecological impacts.

Now settled in a light-filled space on Taunton Avenue, Duque sees this holistic goal come to fruition with the help of Acevedo, as well as the all-women team of leaders and teachers. The business is host to a wide range of yoga classes and workshops – all beginner friendly – as well as events, from new and full moon rituals to community-building activities.

The philosophy behind yoga emphasizes “harmony and interconnectedness,” which is what The Heal Room channels. “Recognizing the community’s need for education and choices, we aim to be a solution-oriented hub where people can learn, shop, and embody positive change,” says Duque. Led by individuals of color, The Heal Room taps into the intersections between social justice, wellness, and environmental concerns, as Duque notes that these “all fall under the umbrella of creating balance.”

“By supporting, hiring, and uplifting individuals from diverse backgrounds, we aim to make everyone feel seen and valued. Our product range caters to all skin and hair types, emphasizing inclusivity,” she continues. “We hope to inspire others from similar backgrounds to recognize that wellness and conscious living is our birthright.”


Let the Healing Begin

Even if you’ve never set foot in a yoga class, The Heal Room welcomes folks at all stages of their health and wellness goals. Here are a few ways to get started:

Find Your Class
“I suggest beginning your journey with us by joining our donation-based community yoga class every Sunday at 11am,” says Duque, where all levels are welcome. “Show up as yourself – we don’t expect anyone to be perfect, just be open and curious.”

The refill station is open Thursday through Sunday, 1-6pm, or order online for local delivery. “Consider bringing your own bottles for refill, and discover products that you might fall in love with.”

Explore More
Visit for a full list of events, programming, and products to find offerings that might align with your interests.

176 Taunton Avenue, East Providence



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