Rollin' Through and Truckin' On

A wealth of culinary options on wheels


Rhode Island food trucks give the term “fast food” a new meaning. Food trucks offer an often organic, locally grown alternative, providing nutrition and needed economic growth. From French cuisine to authentic Mexican, food trucks cater to any food craving; all you have to do is find one. Most post their whereabouts on Twitter; simply search by their Twitter handle.

Frequenting the Mount Hope Farmer’s Market is a food truck by the name of Plouf Plouf Gastronomie, commonly referred to as simply Plouf Plouf. Operated by the husband and wife duo Mario Molliere and Anik Palulian, Plouf Plouf offers an organic French cuisine menu at a reasonable price. Since Molliere was trained in France, each dish is exquisitely prepared and especially scrumptious. Featured menu items include a grilled organic duck burger with applewood smoked bacon, lobster brioche with wild mushrooms and, to finish off any meal, chocolate mousse. C’est magnifique! 

Little Billy’s, often located in Barrington, is an award-winning food truck that has partnered with local farms and cooperatives, providing Rhode Islanders with locally grown ingredients. With a menu that includes the famous Billy Burger, clam cakes, clam strips and hotdogs and fries, Little Billy’s is a must-try food experience for any Rhode Islander looking for an affordable meal. 

Known as a mobile café, Acacia Café is the creation of Dawn Brooks-Rapp, a culinary expert with a passion for food. Serving the Little Compton area, Acacia Café specializes in using allnatural, fresh and locally grown ingredients, designed for an exquisite experience that leaves you and your wallet satisfied. Menu options include the PLT (grilled pancetta, oven-roasted tomato, lemon mayonnaise and lettuce), the Rhodie Reuben (sliced corned beef, sauerkraut and Little Compton dressing) and the Aldie Dog (roast beef, aged cheddar cheese and horseradish mayo dressing). Call 401-323-3002 for daily locations and menu options. 

Ana’s Tacos is a food truck proving an authentic Mexican experience is right here in Rhode Island. Serving Middletown and Newport, Ana’s Tacos offers such outstanding menu options as Fish Tacos, Tostadas, Cheese Quesadillas and the monstrous 12-inch tortilla “Gordo” Chimichanga. All dishes are made from the highest quality ingredients, giving customers meal options that might as well have come straight from Mexico. 

But if one Mexican food experience is not enough, Tallulah’s Tacos in Newport is the “farm to taco” food truck that will take care of your taste buds. Co-owners Chef Jake Rojas and Kelly Ann Maurice specifically designed Tallulah’s Tacos to use locally grown ingredients, such as Carne Asada from Blackbird Farm in Smithfield and chicken from Pat’s Pasture in Jamestown. Every bite supports your appetite as much as it supports the Rhode Island economy – that’s good eating. 

Every good meal needs an after-dinner dessert, and Pete’s Ice Cream Truck (401-683-5428), primarily serving Portsmouth, is the perfect stop for satiating a sweet tooth. While the menu mainly consists of ice cream options and frozen treats, Pete’s also offers nachos and other snacks, allowing for both dinner and dessert options. Since Rhode Island’s summer weather, with its ocean breeze and embracing sunlight, makes ice cream consumption that much more enjoyable, Pete’s Ice Cream Truck is not one you want to pass up. Call to find out where they are.