RI Tiny Tattoo Pop-up Events Are Perfect for the Ink-curious

Cosmetic tattooist Andreea Furtado goes micro with flourishes and fine needles


When you hear the buzz of a tattoo needle, you might picture bold, big, colorful designs. However, a new trend in the tattoo world are tiny tats, also known as micro tattoos. These small, intricately detailed images are a minimalist’s dream, and Andreea Furtado, known as @browtourage on Instagram, is behind some of the finest work.

Furtado’s journey to tattooing is unique. “Imagine a young girl who initially aspired to pursue fashion design but ended up in business school instead,” she begins. “I worked in finance for a long time, feeling unfulfilled.” Her true passion emerged when she discovered permanent makeup while trying to fix her mom’s eyebrows. This led her to fine-line tattooing, a practice known for script writing, symbols, and flourishes; after an 18-24 month apprenticeship, Furtado’s talent for doodling and drawing became her livelihood.

When not traveling across Rhode Island for pop-up events with her ink and needle in tow, Furtado can be found at her Seekonk, MA studio, BR Brows + Beauty. Ensuring a comfortable and positive experience is paramount for Furtado, and from the moment clients walk in, they are greeted with a spa-like ambiance, soothing tunes, and a cup of tea. “Think of it as a spa day, but with more needles,” she laughs. Besides fine-line tattooing, she offers cosmetic tattooing services like microblading, nano brows, powder brows, and lip blushing. Her work goes beyond art; it’s about enhancing her clients’ natural beauty.

For my tattoo, I chose an outline of my two dogs’ ears to be placed on my ribs. Furtado’s precision and gentle touch maintained a serene experience throughout the entire process. Surprisingly, the actual tattooing felt more like a mild irritation than the intense pain I had anticipated, rating a modest three on the pain scale. In just one hour, I was amazed to see a flawless and intricately detailed sketch of my dogs’ ears, with every line capturing their distinct shape and sharp contours.

Worried about the pain? Furtado’s got you covered. She guides clients through the process from start to finish, starting slowly and allowing for breaks as needed. For those considering their first tattoo, she advises careful thought regarding design, size, and placement. “Once it’s on, it’s not easy to remove,” she cautions. She ensures clients are satisfied with the end result by adjusting the stencil as many times as necessary until it’s just right. “I want you to feel as comfortable as possible,” she explains.

Preparation for a tattoo appointment is crucial. “Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!” Furtado emphasizes. Your skin should be moisturized, and your body well-hydrated. A hearty meal beforehand is also advisable to prevent dizziness. Comfortable, accessible clothing is key, especially for the area being tattooed.

Aftercare is equally important. “Treat it like a delicate flower,” she advises. Keep the tattoo clean, apply the recommended ointment, and avoid picking at it. No swimming or tanning while it’s healing, and minimal physical exertion. Her top tip for those anxious about the pain? “Engage in conversation during the process, take it slow, and take breaks if needed. And if all else fails, reward yourself with post-tattoo ice cream!”

For those overwhelmed by the permanence and decision-making involved, Furtado suggests taking a deep breath. “Tattoos are meant to be cherished forever. Start small and think about what truly resonates with you.” Follow
@browtourage for updates and events.


Good to Know

Tips for Your First Tat

  • Research Your Artist: Make sure they specialize in the style you want and have a portfolio to back it up.
  • Consider the Placement: Some spots, like ribs, can be more intense. Pick a location that balances visibility and comfort.
  • Prepare for the Session: Hydrate well, avoid alcohol, and get plenty of sleep.
  • Follow Aftercare Instructions: Clean and moisturize the tattoo according to your artist’s guidance.


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