Rhody Gem: Barksfield Shop

June 2022


What it is:

Barksfield is a shop for those aspiring to live a green lifestyle. Spurred by the owners’ concern about toxic chemicals, it started as a source for organic soap and cleaners and quickly expanded to include rescued furniture, antiques, and a wide array of goods by eco-friendly artists and artisans. 

Where to find it:

Located just south of Tiverton Four Corners, find Barksfield in the back of the historic Davenport Building. There’s ample parking and acres of meadow and streams nearby to enjoy a walk or picnic.

What makes it a Rhody Gem?

Owners Michele and Kristen Jalbert stock their shop with items from around the country and Europe, selected for each maker’s commitment to sustainable business practices, use of natural and reclaimed materials,or use of biobased dyes and other nontoxic materials. “From totes fashioned from old military tents to creatures created from recycled hardware, Barksfield is proud to support creative people who choose to ‘work green’ and serve customers who choose to ‘live green,’” says Michele.

Barksfield Shop3988 Main Road, Tiverton 


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