Whole Body

Nourishment by Nature

Sampling a buffet of self-care treats from Warren’s The Peyton Company


It was during a recent sweltering heat wave, when my skin would go from producing enough oil to coat a frying pan to then drying out in the hot summer sun, that I knew some kind of skintervention was needed. I turned to ordering a variety pack of skin and body care products from Warren-based The Peyton Company, a business that follows the logic that what you put on your body is just as important as what goes in.

That beauty from the inside-out missionapplies to their product presentation as well. The line’s sleek, minimalist packaging and design appealed to me instantly, as did the subtle fragrance wafting from the box. I was excited to dig in and use each item, especially the new-to-me black charcoal soap and tooth powder. Other kit items included Skin Food Nourishing Crème, Passion Fruit Lip Butter, and Dew Drops Facial Hydration Mist, along with pop-up cellulose facial sponges and a bamboo toothbrush.

I was initially reluctant of the charcoal-based products yet lured to the sweet and earthy aroma of the facial soap bar nestled in a muslin pouch. I rubbed the soapy, charcoal-covered sponge over my face. After rinsing and drying, my skin felt like the Goldilocks of refreshment – not like it had been stripped of oil to the point of dryness, not overly saturated with a weird layer of oily residue, but just right. Using the charcoal-activated bamboo toothbrush they’d supplied, I brushed using the black tooth powder, rinsed and voila – I’m pleased to report gradually whiter teeth with each use.

Feeling clean and charcoal-shiny, I was ready for the Skin Food Nourishing Crème. The cream is aptly named, as the list of ingredients reads like an all-you-can-eat-raw-vegan buffet menu, with everything from blueberry to lime peel, as well as a host of herbs, extracts, and oils. My skin feels smoother, my face and hands feel moisturized and smooth, and my overall skin tone feels brighter.

After applying my make-up for the day, I followed my new all-natural regimen with a couple of spritzes of Dew Drops Facial Hydration Mist. The Dew Drops smelled like a soothing mist of herbal loveliness and gave my skin a coveted dewy glow that lasted all day.

Sealing this sampler with a kiss was the Passion Fruit Lip Butter, a vegan lip shine and moisturizer. After applying the lip butter, I became an instant fan – from its sheer, rose gold color to the fact that it actually moisturized my lips – not leaving them dryer and dryer with each usage. Bringing a smile to those same lips, the name of the color was “Rhody Girl.”

My skintervention was a success! Naturally, I couldn’t help but love it.

The Peyton Company
7 Child Street, Warren • 401-216-8700