Newport’s Los Duderinos on their Pour Judgement Residency

Hit the beach then catch this local jam band


The summer crowds of Newport might come and go each season, but the band Los Duderinos isn’t there for that. Once a week at Pour Judgment, they’re around for the locals. 

“We’ve been the PJ’s band for about 10 years or so,” says Los Duderinos drummer Dave Passafiume, Jr. “Though we do play around New England and have toured from Maine to Virginia and points between, we’ve played in Newport at least weekly for a long time. It does feel special to survive the ebb and flow of the music scene and maintain a fan base that has supported and made possible such a long residency. We truly get to know a lot of the fans. There’s no physically separate stage, so we’re right there with these people each week.”

Recently, Los Duderinos released a music video that encapsulates the close-knit, inside-joke community that orbits Pour Judgment. Their funky, jammy organ-dominated track, “Something Else,” captures the band in their element at their hometown bar. The song showcases a once-around of solos that shows each member in their element, comfortable and truly enjoying the music they create. 

Over the years, Los Duderinos have featured a revolving lineup that has played a mix of covers and originals. The latest music for “Something Else” seems to mark a small shift in the long history of the Newport residence in the permanence of the group.

“I’m speaking a bit here for [guitarist] Atticus [Allen] since he produced the video and it’s his original tune,” says Passafiume. “The process definitely helps you solidify specific parts of the song and forces you to make some concrete decisions. We mic’d the bar from front to back to capture the aura of our spot. There were literally mics along the wall all the way to the back of the room. We also entered a new territory in the sense that I think it’s our strongest and most committed lineup to date.”

What remains constant, no matter the lineup, is the way Los Duderinos seems to transcend being simply a band. Maybe it’s the location, maybe it’s the residency, or maybe it’s just the off-season, coastal cool they carry themselves with, but it’s clear that Los Duderinos are more than just entertainment.

“It might be a lifestyle, but I think that may have come before the band and the band embodies that,” says Passafiume. “Having a fun shared experience with not much of a boundary physically and
emotionally, for better or worse, definitely
results in something special.” 

You can check out Los Duderinos’ video, “Something Else,” on YouTube and be sure to make the pilgrimage to Aquidneck at least once this summer. As for what to do while you’re there, take it from a local.

“You can’t go wrong with brunch at Corner Cafe or Stoneacre or Pour Judgment,” Passafiume recommends. “I hit the beach in Newport or Jamestown, come back to town for a drink on a rooftop or on the water. On Sundays, I’ll check out Fastnet for the weekly folk/traditional session to see friends play and warm up with some beers before loading in at PJ’s for the 10pm residency.”

Los Duderinos performs at Pour Judgement (32 Broadway, Newport) on Sundays at 10pm. Facebook: DamnLosDuderinos 


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