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Food Network show will renovate Perella's Ristorante


On October 8 and 9, Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible is coming to Rhode Island to update Perella’s Ristorante, an Italian culinary institution that has attracted diners to Warren since 1995. The restaurant will receive a $10,000 renovation along with an appearance on the show.

The competition around Warren has become more fierce over the past few decades. Perella’s was the original location of the Old Venice. At the time, there were around 10 restaurants in Warren, now there are nearly forty. The renovation will allow the institution to compete, providing customers with a fresh experience.

Restaurant Impossible reached out to Louie Perella because they were intrigued by the culinary prowess of his son. “He’s worked in New York City and Australia, and for four different James Beard Award-winning chefs in the short period...He and his wife were planning to take over the restaurant, and he left [Perella’s], because it wasn’t working out.” In search of a salary, benefits, and ample time with family Louie’s son pursued other corporate culinary avenues. “So [Restaurant Impossible] reached out, they want to upgrade the place, change it around, and try to get him back.”

A solid financial investment to update Perella’s Ristorante is a great thing for the Perellas, but the renovation is bittersweet. “I’m trying to look at it as a positive experience...everything that I’ve worked 25 years for is going to change.”

With the news of the Food Network renovating Perella’s came a monstrous flood of volunteers and support from the community. Louie was floored by the reaction. “The overwhelming response has been emotional. People have reached out and wanted to help - people you don’t even think of, people who come here, who know the place, and know what we’ve done…” growing emotional he quietly adds, “’s really been heartwarming.” After the Restaurant Impossible filming, Perella’s Ristorante will re-open to the public on Thursday, October 10. 


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