Maria Del Carmen Mercado

Fashionable Fiber Arts


“Inspiration for me comes from everywhere,” says Maria Del Carmen Mercado. “Especially from people-watching, nature and my surroundings.” Her inspiration also comes from the Dominican Republic, where she was born and raised. As she describes it, Maria makes “art to wear inspired by Hispanic heritage.” Bella Vista, her Spring/Summer 2013 collection, is named after the town where she grew up. “This collection will have exciting pops of color and clean lines, and is full of sophistication and sensuality,” Maria says. “Bella Vista is a reflection of the Dominican Republic: our music, beaches and how we are just full of life.” Maria’s work is defined by her artfulness: she hand-dyes fabrics, and is a fiber artist as well as a Fashion Institute of Technology-trained designer. Her work has been displayed in several galleries, including the Rhode Island School of Design Museum. Though she makes fine art, Maria makes accessible clothing. “I make unique, one of a kind designs that are tailored for the modern woman with real curves.” Maria Del Carmen Mercado clothing is available in her Etsy shop, at Lola in Providence and by custom order. Maria Del Carmen Mercado will be presenting at 8pm on Tuesday, August 28 at the Providence Biltmore.

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