Local Pop Rock Band Releases Music Video Filmed in Bristol

SILICA’s “Wind-Up Doll” features Independence Park and in one week hit over 20k views – and counting


If you don’t already know them – and really, we urge you to check them out – SILICA is a pop rock band based right out of Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. They won the first “Battle of the Bands” at Middle East Nightclub in Boston. They’ve appeared on Boston Rock Radio and 94 HJY Soundcheck. They’ve performed at Mohegan Sun and toured throughout New England and the East Coast. And a little over a week ago, they released their latest music video for “Wind-Up Doll” – where Bristol makes its step into the limelight.

“The video was filmed on a very cold February day,” recalls singer Lauren Cloutier, who grew up in Bristol. “I believe it was around 30 degrees.” The scenes alternate between two locations; in the first, guitarist Matt Guilherme and drummer Teigan Stanley rock out alongside Cloutier in what looks like a library that is actually Benjamin Church Senior Center. The second is at the dock in Independence Park, where Cloutier writes in a diary until the dramatic climax of the song, when she burns the book and falls backwards in the freezing water off the dock. 

“The dock shots included three on-duty EMTs and a rescue for safety concerns,” Cloutier reveals. “Lieutenant Matt Hughes, Danny Ullman, and JP Cloutier (my father) pulled me out of the water, kept the bed of the rescue heated up, and also put out the small fire.”



Bristol seems to be the perfect, quaint backdrop to SILICA’s atmospheric sound and Killing It Entertainment’s masterful filmography – and others must seem to think so, too, as Cloutier is happy to report that “Wind-Up Doll” had already hit 20,000 views (and counting!) across YouTube and Facebook by the one-week mark.

“Everything about Bristol is so unapologetically New England,” says Cloutier. “Everything is so quaint and quiet. That, mixed with the striking imagery of the book burning and falling off the dock, creates this very balanced tension that we were ultimately striving for. Bristol was just the perfect place to build that concept.”  


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