It’s Johnny Cakes Season

An old grist mill gets updated with a gourmet cafe


Autumn is all about food – apple pies, pumpkin scones, mashed butternut squash and, of course, Johnny Cakes. While there are many statewide events this month where you can go to enjoy some there’s no better way to taste some old fashioned cornmeal treats than to head to Gray’s Daily Grind. Created in an old room where corn was once shelled for Gray’s Grist Mill, it’s now a café offering loads of charm as well as food and drink.

In addition to specialty coffees, fruit smoothies and espresso drinks, Gray’s Daily Grind serves pastries made using Johnny Cake meal ground from the mill. The Grind also sells bags of the ground mix so that you can whip up your own cakes at home.
If you have extra time to kill after noshing on a delicious pastry, take a tour of the mill, an up-close-and-personal look into how the Johnny Cake mixture is made.