Influencer: Warren comedian/filmmaker/podcaster/writer Chuck Staton

A sit-down with the rising star about everything from working with Clerks’ Kevin Smith to steaming broccoli at home


How did the hilarious Chuck and Brad Podcast come to be?

Brad Rohrer and I started a podcast in 2009 for a couple of reasons. The biggest one was that my band (Senior Discount) was involved in a lot of video production at the time. We were putting together comedy videos to promote our live shows and albums. Those videos essentially became full episodes of a sitcom, around 25 minutes long with multiple storylines revolving around six or seven cast members. As time went on, we kept getting more professional, so the videos took longer and longer to produce. We wanted to work on a project that was easier to make consistently, that could bring people back to the Senior Discount website. Brad and I both also had blogs at the time where we talked about movies, comedy, television, music, gaming, etc., plus podcasts were gaining traction, and I was just getting into Clerks filmmaker Kevin Smith’s Smodcast. Brad and I were new friends and we were really finding that we have a rapport that was fun and funny. Now I think of it as a complete creative playground to play with any of our kooky ideas, and create our own comedic takes on pop culture while following our journeys in comedy, film,
and art in general.

Over the years, you’ve written many food experiences articles for us. Do you cook?

My skills are deplorable in the kitchen. I can make grilled cheese, omelettes, and I can make an absolutely perfect bowl of steamed broccoli. It’s extremely embarrassing to love food and also be incapable of cooking.

You have a varied list of credits on IMDB. Is there a part of the process that you like best?

I think if I could perfectly choose my career in filmmaking, it would be 40 percent writing, 40 percent directing, and 20 percent acting/performing. I love coming up with concepts and ideas; I love grinding them out into a script; I love figuring out how to make them work; and I love being a small part of how they come alive. Whether it’s in front of the camera, on stage, etc. I do love being part of the performance aspect, but there’s something that draws me to crafting ideas behind the scenes.

What are some of your favorite spots around the East Bay?

In Warren, The Coffee Depot has my favorite lattes in the state (and my favorite iced spiced dirty chai), and Waterdog is eclectic, bold, and mouthwatering. Thames Street Kitchen blows me away. I honestly think that even if I was limited to my top 50 places in RI, I’d have trouble with keeping my list that short. Empire Tea and Coffee, Chomp Kitchen and Drinks, Black Pear, Rod’s Grill… Please stop me!


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