Influencer: Andrew Mau

Designer and Owner of Island-Boy


"My personal style is somewhat eclectic. I can get down with a black T-shirt and black pants or layer pattern on pattern. It really depends on my mood or the company I’ll be in. I enjoy natural fibers more than synthetics; however, there are moments where I find myself in a faux fur item sans regret. I feel most comfortable in a pair of boardshorts and T-shirt, and love a cotton or merino wool sweater right on the skin. I’m a fan of the banded collar on men’s shirting and am newly enjoying a collection of elastic waist pants.

In the summer, I dress a bit more Mediterranean/beachy with shorter shorts and lightweight button-down shirts, while in the winter I go for more layers of cotton and linen in variable lengths. I like that I can combat the winter by wearing a summery item underneath, even if nobody else sees it.

I enjoy a good thrift. Nice quality garments hold their value and can be purchased at a much lower price after they’ve been previously worn. I buy basics at Uniqlo and get the majority of my items one piece at a time. The more quality items I collect, the less shopping I need, as they tend to last both in relevance and durability. I’ve also been having more items made under my own private label and considered starting another line of clothing with a close friend. The samples from these projects have yielded a nice collection that I rotate into my daily outfits and one of the reasons I started Island-Boy. I found it impossible to find anything for men at the mall that is not J.Crew. There’s a ton of nicer clothing out there, and I wanted to see if I could bring it to Rhode Island.

I enjoy my Instagram feed very much and follow fashion brands to keep current on trends. I also take notes from other industries such as home, food, and photography. Making sure to ask people where they got their clothes from is a great way to learn who shops where and what is available in the world. Lately, I’ve been focused on ground-up textiles: items with a particularly interesting dye process or weaving pattern are standing out to me.

I love that opportunities are available here; I can bring brands into my shop that are not represented here yet. The proximity to water and beaches add another layer of culture to the New England vibe, which I really enjoy."