In Your Ear Celebrates Record Store Day

The Warren record shop joins in the annual analog celebration.


There has always been something undeniably cool about vinyl. I mean when was the last time someone who wasn’t a 14-year-old wearing JNCOs in 1998 bragged about their CD collection? Exactly.

On Saturday, April 18 In Your Ear in Warren will be participating in Record Store Day. Like a chill Black Friday for audiophiles, Record Store Day is proof that vinyl never died, it just went underground for a generation like a brood of analog cicadas, reemerging after its natural predators, the rugged cassette and the smarmy Compact Disc, were proven to be no better than the 8-tracks and MiniDiscs that failed before them.

Each year, major and independent labels release a slew of limited edition RSD exclusives and vinyl re-releases. Many participating shops will have a marked down selection of used stock, as well as host special in-store events.

The goal of Record Store Day is to get people out to local shops, not just for the business, but to engage as a community of music lovers. The people who have worked hard to survive the decline of physical music sales aren’t just clerks, they’re curators of culture. Best Buy might carry vinyl, but can it help you get into Captain Beefheart?

In Your Ear
462 Main Street, Warren