How to Bake Seven Stars Bakery's Raspberry Bars

Seven Stars shares their delicious Raspberry Bar recipe


Raspberry Bars (standard 1/2 sheet pan-12"x17")

All Purpose Flour: 278 grams
Sugar: 148 grams
Toasted Almonds: 67 grams
Butter (cold-cubed): 230 grams
Raspberry Jam: 278 grams

- Preheat oven to 350
- Weigh out all ingredients except raspberry jam and put into food processor
- Pulse ingredients until they are the consistency of peas. Don't overpulse or it will form a dough
- Spread out half of the above mixture on the greased sheetpan and press down into the pan. Put the other half into the fridge
- Bake this bottom crust until set and just starting to color
- Pull out of oven and immediately pour the jam onto the hot crust and spread evenly
- Crumble the remainder of the dry mixture onto the raspberry jam and bake again until just starting to color.

Cool completely and enjoy!