Forever in Bloom

After 16 years in Barrington, Jörg-Peter Gresch and Beth Siqueland-Gresch moved their floral and home shop to Bristol


After 16 years in Barrington, Jörg-Peter Gresch and Beth Siqueland-Gresch decided it was time for a change. “We basically started out together 20 years ago, and [Grasmere] grew and grew and we thought, ‘What’re we gonna do next?’” says Peter.

What they needed was a change in location, which led them to the seaside town of Bristol. “We looked at many other towns, but Bristol had the right trajectory – the spirit is right, it’s a soulful town and we felt drawn to it,” Peter explains.

Now next to the Beehive Cafe at the end of Franklin Street, the shop is about 250 square feet larger than their Barrington store, offering more walk-around traffic. “It was [a] photography studio,” Beth says. “It was a great space and a great energy and we walked in and just said ‘yup.’”

At Grasmere, Beth handles floral and accessories, and Peter does antiques and accent pieces. They support local artists, independent designers and fair trade, so you can feel good about what you’re purchasing. A large focus in the shop is vintage lamps, some hundreds of years old – most of them with fascinating backstories. One of Peter’s favorite pieces is a lamp made in 1905, by a woman of the Saturday Evening Girls Club, who would create beautiful items while works of famous authors were read aloud to them. It’s fascinating how we are able to purchase a bit of history today, and put it in our homes at a shop that’s right around the corner.

6 Franklin Street, Bristol