Find Your Forever Couch at New Lovesac Showroom in Cranston

Fully adaptable modular sofas, bean bag chairs, and more to fit any space and lifestyle


A retail showroom just opened in Cranston and this may be news you want to sit down to hear – literally. You may not want to stand up again after hunkering down in a Lovesac adaptable seating solution, all available to experience firsthand at their new location.

Celebrating 25 years, Lovesac is one of the fastest growing high-end furniture retailers, boasting nationwide stores and awards, but it began with a humble foundation. “The first Lovesac product – an eight-foot-wide bean bag-like product – was created in my parent’s basement,” shares founder and CEO Shawn Nelson. “I started out just producing Sacs for friends, but as things started to pick up, we went from taking orders from a major retailer to opening our first brick-and-mortar in 2001.”

Now known for making furniture to fit and grow with any lifestyle, Lovesac offers luxe lines designed around comfort. The rearrangeable Sactionals challenge everything you thought you knew about sectional couches, with almost every customization at your fingertips, from the choice of 150+ fabrics to removable covers that have an upholstered look and feel. “It is a couch you can have for the rest of your life,” says Nelson. Pro-tip: make it the best seat in the house by seamlessly incorporating StealthTech Sound + Charge, a home audio system featuring immersive surround sound and hidden wireless charging – all embedded in the Sactionals frame.

For optimal coziness, Sacs are elevated Durafoam™-filled seats for all ages, providing airy comfort for solo sitting or cuddling in with the whole fam. Choose from five sizes, over 150 fabric options – including recycled material – and swap out covers to match any room.

Unlike trendy, disposable furniture destined for a landfill, Lovesac forges a more sustainable path in furniture that lasts. Their unique Designed for Life™ approach aims “to inspire humankind to buy better, so they can buy less,” says Nelson. “Our products can adapt to fit almost any space and style and can look like new forever, enabling a new way of living where you can continue to invest in, add to, and evolve your furniture.”

“Cranston is a vibrant community rated one of the best places to live, and with the new showroom, we're committed to making Rhode Island homes as comfortable as possible.”

Have a seat in The World’s Most Adaptable Couch™ and The World's Most Comfortable Seat™ in the Lovesac showroom at 165 Hillside Rd STE 6100, Cranston, or shop online to find your forever couch. https://www.lovesac.com


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