Dishes Destined for Grate-ness

Local artist crafts kitchenware infused with artistry


Inspired by a garlic grater plate she spotted in Spain, Jayne Raphael began devising a way to make her own as soon as she got home. Putting care and thought into designing this dual-use kitchen gadget and entertaining accessory, Raphael says, “I spent a long time figuring out how to create them, and how to give them my own aesthetic.” This textured, ceramic plate comes in hues ranging from natural and earthy to bright and bold. Pick one up at Hotpoint Emporium Artist Cooperative in Bristol for your next wine and cheese night. For quick crushed garlic, rub a clove over the grooves for a few seconds, and voila! If you’re entertaining, add olive oil, grated parmesan cheese, and some red pepper flakes or your favorite Italian herbs for spice, and serve with a warm loaf of bread. 


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