Cruise Into National Mimosa Day with Unique Rhode Island Experiences

Level up your favorite bubble beverage with scenic views


While there’s no shortage of opportunities to toast with bottomless mimosas over brunch, why not celebrate National Mimosa Day with an adventurous outing? Whether on land or at sea, combine the effervescent joy of mimosas with the picturesque beauty of the Ocean State's waterways for a celebration that is both refreshing and memorable.

Lighthouse and Mimosa Cruise of Narragansett Bay  

Coastal Queen Cruises takes passengers on a relaxing journey through Narragansett Bay's historical sites, including lighthouses, grand harbor mansions, and landmarks such as Fort Adams and Jamestown Village. The cruise is an ideal setting for history enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike. Newport, 

Morning Mimosa Cruise  

Step aboard Gansett Cruises and sip orange juice and champagne as you go on a voyage through time. This 60 to 75-minute cruise offers a rich blend of scenic beauty and historical intrigue, perfect for immersing yourself in Newport's maritime heritage. Newport,

Mimosa Cruise  

For those seeking a serene experience, the Providence River Boat Company offers a peaceful cruise along the downtown Providence waterways. Guests can enjoy their mimosas while admiring the scenic views of Riverwalk and Waterplace Park, with tasty add-on options including charcuterie and cookies.

Railroad Mimosa Tour  

If you prefer to stay on land, Rail Explorers offers an innovative mimosa tour fueled by pedal power. At the end of a leisurely ride along the rails featuring stunning landscapes, enjoy a brunch at Bayside Station complete with mimosas, combining physical activity with luxury. Portsmouth,

Newport Lighthouse and Mimosa Cruise  

Embark on a two-hour cruise with Newport Classic Cruise that guarantees a journey of relaxation and discovery along the vibrant coastlines of Newport. As you sip on chilled mimosas, you will be treated to a narrative of the City by the Sea’s rich maritime history and its iconic lighthouse. Newport,


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