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Count Your Chickens

A popular Fall River takeout place will soon open a sit-down restaurant in Warren


If you’re driving through Fall River and happen to pass Mister Chicken, you might think it’s a fast-food joint. The mascot is a cartoon chicken with folded wings and sunglasses. Two carved birds flank the entryway. The very name “Mister Chicken” sounds like a suburban chain, where drumsticks are ordered in buckets.

But Mister Chicken is full of surprises. The bilingual menu is packed with Portuguese specialties, from kale soup to octopus stew. The shelves are lined with small grocery items and even a few antiques. Half takeout place, half market, Mister Chicken offers a wealth of sandwiches, seafood, and, yes, chicken dishes.

Soon, owner Humberto Correia will open a second Mister Chicken in Warren. The new kitchen will serve similar fare, with two key differences: There will be a dining room with places to sit, and the new Mister Chicken recently secured a liquor license. The Fall River location offers catering services and family-sized meals, but the building doesn’t have so much as a chair for customers awaiting their takeout orders. A full restaurant with waitstaff will be a major shift.

At press time, Humberto was buried in paperwork, but he expected the new venue to open by the end of the month. Warren already has a few Portuguese eateries but Mister Chicken should be a nice fast-casual addition. Portuguese cuisine is also known for its desserts, and fans can never get enough sweet rice, fried dough, or fine puddings. In other words, chicken is just the start.