Catch Those Z’s

Move over Stacey’s, Z Pita Chipz are your crispier, easier-to-eat competition


Renowned Chef Jamie Oliver once said that you can always tell a good bread by the way it sounds. Tap the bottom of a crusty artisan loaf and you should hear hollowness. The same goes for pita chips. A good pita chip will be bubbly and golden on the outside. When you bite into it, a symphony of crackle should emanate from your mouth, making you want to reach your hand back into the bag for more. Z Pita Chipz definitely fit this auditory criteria. Says owner Heather C. Zoller, “Z Pita Chipz are thinner, crispier, and crunchier than your average pita chip. Many people tell me that they are just plain easier to eat!”

The inspiration for the pita chips came from Heather’s old food truck business. On her truck, the former-banker-turned-cook would make the chips from time to time, and people would go crazy for them. “Eventually I couldn’t go anywhere without selling them by the dozens!” says Heather. After about five years in the food truck industry, Heather decided to move away from her daily grind and focus on making pita chips.

Currently, Heather produces her chips in small batches at Hope & Main in Warren. The pita creations are lightly seasoned with sea salt and canola oil. And, according to the owner, the chips are great on their own or paired with your favorite dip. We highly recommend hummus or spinach and artichoke, but salsa works, too! Z Pita Chipz are currently stocked in several places in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. 


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