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Burritos in the Square

A new casual burrito truck hitches up in Riverside


If you’re a human being who truly enjoys Mexican food, you know that satisfying your craving is not as simple as finding a Mexican restaurant you enjoy. Are you looking for a burrito on the go? You can order at the counter at Poco Loco in Cranston and eat on the way to the movies. Are you looking for some high-quality but casual dining? You can grab a cold one with a couple shrimp diablo tacos at Xaco Taco in Providence. Planning on celebrating a special occasion and perhaps wowing a fellow food-lover? Head over to Chilango’s in Providence to grab the chile relleno en nogada.

There’s a vast diversity in social situations that call upon a variety of different Mexican dishes and eateries. One of my current priorities is finding a quick burrito in the East Bay. Ever since Bebop Burrito (right off Main Street in Warren) closed, I’ve been on the hunt. I would like to note, Bebop Burrito was replaced by the excellent Eli’s Kitchen – but still, a quick local burrito eludes my greasy fingers.

So, when I heard that there was a new burrito place opening up in Riverside, I was thrilled. Union Burrito sits in Riverside Square, right near Borealis Coffee Company. The folks behind Union Burrito are currently working on a brick-and-mortar location (also in the Square) but for now, Union Burrito exists solely as a semi-permanent food truck, sitting on the grass right next to the building that houses Proud Mary’s Donuts.

My first trip to Union Burrito was a serene summer night. Union Burrito smartly sits along the East Bay bike path – providing the possibility of a perfect, portable snack of meat and carbs for the strolling passersby as they continue their trek (and maybe an overly confident bicyclist or two). I had walked over with a few friends from a house in Riverside, and was excited at the prospect of a Mexican food hub nearby.

From the standpoint of a casual food truck, Union Burrito has played its cards right. It sits off of the street in the grass, with a plethora of picnic tables less than ten feet away. The dozens of string lights that link the truck to the building instantly give you the feeling of a breezy summer evening. One side of the truck faces the street, the other faces the bike path, and all is surrounded by lush foliage. It’s relaxed, and it feels like a place where you can just hang.

I walked up to the truck and chose UB’s larger burrito – the 15oz Grande Burrito ($9). This was the first of several visits to Union Burrito. Over the past few weeks I’ve tried their burritos, their quesadillas, their burrito bowls, their churros, and their nachos. I can comfortably say that the biggest positive at UB is their meat. Beef, chicken, and pork are the normal options at a burrito bar and UB does not stray from that formula. Throughout the many dishes I tried at Union Burrito, the constant that remained was that they are going for flavor when it comes to carne.

I was pleased with the amount of nachos that come with their Loaded Nachos ($10). The Churros ($5) were of the “less-sugar-and-more-cinnamon” variety, which may be pleasing to those of us who enjoy a dessert here and there, but are sensitive to foods that are overly sweet.

Overall, if you’re looking for a no-nonsense quick Mexican bite, you will find it at Union Burrito. They get extra points from me for sticking with black beans instead of pinto, and adding to the food options along the East Bay Bike Path.

Union Burrito

326 Bullocks Point Ave, Riverside


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