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Exciting dishes with wine to match on Anoka Avenue


When seeking out excellence, European style, Barrington’s Table Bistro stands unparalleled. Providing thoughtfully executed meals and fine wines in a compact, yet uncluttered environment, the restaurant has come to merit a category of its own. Manager and wine aficionado Claude Lochet as well as Chef Logan Tharp believe that exceptional food and beverage, accompanied by the highest standard of service shouldn’t be difficult to come by, and that’s just what we wanted to hear.

You clearly have a passion for wine. Can you tell me a little about where that passion came from?

Claude: Growing up in France and spending a lot of time on vineyards has influenced me immensely. I grew up in an environment where wine was a part of the dinner.

If you could describe Table’s wine list in three words, what would they be?

Claude: Artisanal, natural and fun.

What qualities do you seek out when looking to add wine to Table’s list?

Claude: The mission of our beverage program is to represent a balanced list available both domestically and from Europe. Many of our selections were chosen because they typify geography and regional cultures and are made as natural as possible. Wines are selected primarily for their character and balance in order to enhance Logan’s seasonal menu.

If someone is interested in learning more about wine pairings (and tasting them), what’s the best approach?

Claude: We host wine and craft beer dinners quarterly at Table.

Give me two great wine pairings with a pair of Chef Logan’s best dishes. 

Claude: Our Roasted Figs starter with ricotta and farm fresh vegetables pairs beautifully with our house rosé from Provence, Sainte Victoire. A refreshing, well-balanced wine composed of Grenache, Cinsault pairs beautifully with that dish. If I had to pick a signature dish at Table, our Faroe Island Salmon would be that dish. Pinot Noirs pair very well with our salmon. Hamilton Russell vineyard is located in South Africa. This extraordinary, gorgeous, silky wine with hints of tea, blood orange, plum make a perfect match.

What is it about being a chef that you love so much?

Logan: I absolutely love food, so cooking for me is a way I can express that love.  Not only that, but it gives me the amazing opportunity to make people happy and to express myself creatively. When guests come to the window to thank us for their great meal, it is a daily reminder of why we are in this business. 

Tell me a bit about your view towards sourcing local.

Logan: We try to source as many local ingredients as possible. We source local produce grown in our town, seafood off the coastline of New England and meats from Massachusetts and New York. It has always been important for me to support the local businesses and farms.

For you, what is the most exciting dish on the menu right now? 

Logan: Our most exciting dish right now is definitely the Butter-Poached Turbot over peewee potatoes and baby artichokes with a light, aromatic tomato fennel brodo that is poured tableside. 

Would you say that most of your recipes are culinary experiments or tried and true favorites?

Logan: With the help of my sous chef Zach Landi, we are able to keep up with the ever-changing menu with fresh ideas and amazing dishes created from the roots of classical culinary dishes that we have altered and made our own. We also feature fan favorites, due to the abundant requests from our guests, such as Table’s Caesar salad. 

Who are your culinary influences?

Logan: My first instinct is to say my family. We have amazing cooks from both sides of the tree. Along with my family, a lot of influence comes from the amazing local chefs in Rhode Island. We are so lucky to have such an outstanding variety of creative and talented chefs. With that said, there were also incredible chef instructors at Johnson & Wales University who helped me hone my skills as a chef, and pushed me to succeed.

Table Bistro

8 Anoka Avenue, Barrington



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