Baking with Sensitivity

Tasty treats for the allergy-restricted diner at Eva Ruth's


Eva Ruth Flynn owns and bakes for her food allergy–friendly bakery, Eva Ruth’s Specialty Bakery. As someone who has Celiac disease and is very aware of other people’s food allergies, she has created a space where even the most sensitive individuals can find many options, both savory and sweet.

Is everything gluten- and wheat-free in your bakery?
We are a dedicated wheat-free and gluten-free bakery. We also have other items for those that are allergic to soy, casein, milk, dairy and eggs as well. We try to cater to all allergy sensitivities.

I love chocolate chip cookies. What ingredients do you substitute to maintain the integrity of the flavor?
We have two different chocolate chip cookies, a vegan and a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. To make it dairy-free, we substitute a different butter or oil in place of butter, and sometimes we substitute coconut milk for milk. We use a combination of rice, potato and tapioca flour as a substitution for regular flour.

As someone with Celiac disease, what are some ready-made items you make that folks can bring home?
We always have breadcrumbs and croutons available. There is also a stovetop stuffing mix that you can use for a pork or ham roast. You won’t even know it’s gluten-free – it’s amazing. It’s big for Thanksgiving, but people forget that stuffing is great year round. We also have a pizza crust that is unbelievable. We have dinner rolls, hamburger rolls and even piecrust shells. And we have plenty of pies as well.

Easter is coming up. Are you planning on making anything special?
We have an Easter menu that will be available. We will have Easter cakes, Coconut Cream Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, Chocolate Mousse Pie, Lemon-Raspberry Coconut Cake and specialized cupcakes for the holiday.

Tell me about your juice bar.
I juice all the time, for the customers and for myself. Everything is organic; we have veggie juices and fruit juices. Those who are not used to juicing, I recommend a fruit juice like OAR (orange, apple, raspberry) versus a veggie juice because some people are not used to a beet in their juice, which is actually very sweet.


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